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“When we have returned from the sea-side, we sometimes ask ourselves

why we did not spend more time in gazing at the sea; but very soon the traveler

does not look at the sea more than at the heavens.” 

—Henry David Thoreau, Cape Cod

Vintage Fishing Photos

We all remember our first saltwater catch. For me it was indeed a mighty cod caught at Stellwagen Bank on a fishing boat off the tip of Provincetown. I was only six and the codfish stretched taller than me. There is discrepancy within my own family on the accuracy of the length of my first cod and they insist that is not me in the photo. Telling fish tales is also a family tradition that starts at a very young age.


The fishing legacy my grandfather bestowed upon me has been passed onto my three sons. Watching them grow from young boys to young men, yes that is heaven indeed. That is the true legacy that will continue for generations I’m sure. FISH ON

Well, Mr. Thoreau almost got it right. Cape Cod is heaven to those who visit or live on this magnificent outreach of land. It has changed so many lives with its beauty, serenity, and adventure. We’re left with experiences, fond memories, and friendships while exploring and discovering Cape Cod.

Cape Cod Charter Fishing

As a young boy it was fishing that lured my family to the shores of Cape Cod and the islands. Digging for clams and sea worms at low tide with my grandfather was a Saturday morning ritual in preparation for what catch the day may bring.

A Fisherman’s Pledge

Ode to my grandfather’s rule of

catch and release (sometimes)


Deep below the sea like night


A sailor’s barb flicks once, then twice


Oh Cod, My Cod, you hear me now


My child’s eye hath weary brow


I know you see me from below


My belly’s growl does scare you so


Oh Cod, My Cod, I wish no harm


The sun sets down the waters calm


And then we meet “FISH ON!” he cries


Old Salt begets a sorrowful sigh


Oh Cod, My Cod, I wish you well

Next time we’ll meet at the buoy bell

—Oh My Cod ©2004

Cape Cod Poem
Vintage Cape Cod

Cod's Speed Everyone.

Monster Shark, Tiger Shark
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